Common Questions about Automotive Frame Repair

Common Questions about Automotive Frame Repair

Common Questions about Automotive Frame RepairYour frame supports an immense amount of weight, including incredibly heavy components such as the engine and transmission. If your vehicle suffers frame damage, then it could become very unsafe to operate. This makes it very important to visit the body shop if your car has any frame damage. At Universal Auto Body & Glass, our technicians are highly experienced with completing vehicle frame repair in the greater Stamford, CT area. Here's a look at some of the frequently asked questions about car frame repair.

How is frame repair completed?

At our Stamford body shop, we use high-tech frame straightening machinery that will return your frame as closely as possible to its factory dimensions. Computer-guided accuracy and extreme force are used to restore the frame to within millimeters of its factory specs. Our I-Car certified technicians are expertly trained on using our frame straightening machinery and will make sure that your frame is returned to a safe condition.

How often do accidents cause frame damage?

It's generally estimated that about half of all car accidents result in some degree of frame damage. It might seem like your car has only suffered minor damage, but you'll still want to have your frame inspected to make sure that it hasn't become misshapen.

Why is it dangerous to drive with a damaged frame?

When you're driving with a deformed frame, uneven weight distribution can lead to poor handling, which may increase your chances of an accident. And a misshapen frame can compromise your car's structural integrity, increasing the chances that you'll suffer an injury during a collision. Also, if your frame is damaged, then it may be susceptible to snapping, which could lead to a serious wreck.

Where can I get top-quality frame repair in Stamford, CT?

When you need collision repair in Stamford and the surrounding area, contact Universal Auto Body & Glass at (203) 990-1799. At our nearby body shop, we can expertly address any of your vehicle's cosmetic needs. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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Posted: March 2022

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