Common Types of Windshield Damage that Should Be Fixed ASAP

Common Types of Windshield Damage that Should Be Fixed ASAP

Common Types of Windshield Damage that Should Be Fixed ASAPWindshield cracks and chips should always be addressed as soon as possible. If you delay, then they may grow to the extent that they can't be repaired and windshield replacement will be necessary. It's also important to fix cracks and chips so that you have an unobstructed view of the road ahead, allowing you to easily see any looming roadway hazards. At Universal Auto Body & Glass, our technicians are expertly trained on windshield repair and replacement in the greater Stamford area. Come and see us if your windshield has suffered any of the following types of damage.

Windshield Crack

In most cases, windshield cracks that are five inches long or more mean that the windshield will have to be replaced. But if your windshield has a smaller crack, then you should fix it before it expands to this length. And it's worth keeping in mind that in the state of Connecticut you can get pulled over and ticketed for having a windshield crack that affects your ability to see the road.

Star Chip

A star chip is a rock chip that has lines jutting out from a central point of impact. This type of chip is notorious for growing larger, so it's important to repair it ASAP.

Bullseye Break

This rock chip is identifiable by its impact point that is surrounded by rings. Generally, bullseye breaks are easily fixable.

Partial Bullseye Break

With a partial bullseye break, there's a half-circle shape resulting from an object hitting the glass at an awkward angle. This type of rock chip can sometimes be a little more challenging to fix.

Combo Chip

Sometimes, rock chips have traits of more than one of the above-listed rock chips. These combo chips are assessed on an individual basis to see how easily they can be repaired or if windshield replacement will be necessary.

Auto Glass Repair in Stamford, CT

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Posted: February 2022

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