Helpful Tips for Preventing Car Scratches

Helpful Tips for Preventing Car Scratches

Helpful Tips for Preventing Car ScratchesBy taking some certain precautions, you can reduce the risk of your car getting scratched. But if your vehicle does get scratched, you'll want to get the repairs done ASAP so that rust doesn't get the chance to take hold. At Universal Auto Body & Glass, our technicians are experts at conducting scratch repair in Stamford, CT.

Ways to Prevent Your Vehicle from Getting Scratched

One simple way to prevent scratches is to always use proper materials when washing your car. You'll want to only use non-abrasive materials, with synthetic microfiber washing mitts being a great choice. These mitts are designed for just this kind of task and won't scratch your paint. Also, before you wax, you'll want to make sure your car's surface is completely clear of debris that could get dragged around and cause scratches.

Because automatic car washes sometimes cause car scratches, you may want to avoid them if you're being extra cautious. Or, at the very least, it's worth checking reviews to see if a particular automatic car wash has a reputation for causing scratches. Scratches may occur when the brushes in the automatic car wash accumulate debris from a previous vehicle that doesn't get fully rinsed off before the next car that goes through. Then that debris might scratch the paint of the next car as the brushes go about their work.

When selecting a parking spot at a store, you can reduce your risk of scratches by skipping over empty spots near the front of the lot that have vehicles parked close to the lines on both sides. Such spots bring a greater likelihood of someone opening their door into the side of your car and causing scratches and/or dents. By parking more toward the back of the lot, it's less likely that you'll be sandwiched in.

Vandalism is another common source of car scratches. When a car gets "keyed," the scratches tend to be particularly long and deep, and can be more challenging to fix. By parking under a security camera or in a lot with a security guard, it's less likely that this will happen. Even just parking in a well-lit area can lessen this risk.

Car Scratch Repair in Stamford, CT

When you need auto body repair in Stamford and the surrounding area, contact Universal Auto Body & Glass at (203) 990-1799. At our local body shop, we can expertly address any of your vehicle's cosmetic needs. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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Posted: November 2021

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