Top Reasons to Repair Rock Chips ASAP

Top Reasons to Repair Rock Chips ASAP

Top Reasons to Repair Rock Chips ASAPWhen a rock shoots up and leaves a little chip in your windshield, it might not seem like a big problem. But the key is that you get to the shop to repair it before it grows larger and necessitates windshield replacement. At Universal Auto Body & Glass, our technicians are experts at fixing windshield damage. Come and see us when you need rock chip repair in Stamford.

Important Reasons to Quickly Fix Rock Chips

It's important to repair rock chips so that you have a clear and safe vision of the road ahead. Windshield damage can make it significantly more difficult to see roadway hazards as they first emerge. Also, in the state of Connecticut, you could be ticketed for driving with windshield damage that impedes visibility. Another safety reason that rock chips should be repaired is that your windshield will be less likely to shatter if you get in an accident. If your windshield gives out during a rollover accident, your roof will be more likely to cave in, which creates a major injury risk.

Another good reason to repair rock chips ASAP is that you'll prevent them from growing larger and causing you to need a new windshield. As a general rule, rock chips can be fixed if they're smaller than a quarter. But if you delay the repairs and the rock chip grows larger than this, then there's a good chance you'll need windshield replacement.

Because rock chips can be repaired at a low cost and in little time, it's worth it to go ahead and get the work done. With comprehensive insurance, rock chip repair is commonly covered. Also, in many cases, rock chip repair can be completed in merely half an hour or so.

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Posted: October 2021

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